Khatarbari HS

What Is Beyond Academics?

        We believe that the student-faculty interaction outside the classroom is very essential for the overall development of the student-academically and attitudinally both. The students have basically three kinds of needs viz. academic, emotional and career needs. The objectives of the “Mentorship Programme “are:
  • To provide career and life guidance to students for their holistic development and achievement of their potential
  • To inculcate academic excellence in students and provide a positive influence on the career paths of students
  • To provide support to students in adjustment to environment and inculcate high personal & moral values
  • To achieve dual objectives of transforming students into successful managers & good human beings
  • To craft the behavioural games for students with joviality which in turn tone up the organizational skills of students
  • Each student shall be assigned to a faculty who shall act as the student mentor. Each student has at least two mentoring sessions with his/her mentor in a month.
        Several educational and cultural activities are regularly held after lecture hours. To name a few: Quiz Contest, Talent show Extempore Speech Competition, Poster Competition Debate Competition etc. Students have ample opportunities to organize or to participate in these activities.